Vegan Review – Wot, No Dairy?

Vegan Review: Wot, no dairy? (Dairy yogurt substitute)

Every since I transitioned from a Lacto-vegetarian to Vegan I have been on the hunt or a decent substitute for Greek Yogurt, I’m sad to report after trying ‘Wot, no dairy’ the quest continues.

The problem with Vegan yogurt substitutes is not only the taste but also the texture and nutritional content. A good Greek Yogurt is creamy and thick but also packed with protein. Coconut Yogurt comes closest resembling the taste and texture of Greek Yogurt but it is sadly lacking in the nutrition department with way too much saturated fat and not enough protein to be a daily food (which is what Yogurt was for me).

There may be some soya based yogurt that is great but everything I have tasted thus far had been repulsive.

So this is why I was excited to see another Yogurt substitute while shopping at Everything Vegan. ‘Wot, no dairy’ is pea based, low fat, with a decent amount of protein at a reasonable price for everyday consumption ($2 a pop). The taste will be familiar to anyone who was tired pea protein before, it’s a taste I don’t mind and sometimes like, but it does not resemble Yogurt in any way.
Which is fine, going vegan you have to come to terms with some flavours you will never taste again. The biggest problem I have with this dairy substitute is the texture and consistency, it is much more like custard than Yogurt and with a slightly yellow colour it just is not that appealing.

So first impressions are not great. I think I will try it again however, to bulk up my evening mega nutrition desserts. Maybe it will grow on me. But for now my chia seed gel will have to suffice.

If you have a vegan, trail running or any other product you want me to review let me know!

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