Vegan Review – Smooshed – Whole Food Balls.

Shooshed – Whole Food Balls

Vegan/paleo wholefood snacks are becoming increasingly more common in supermarkets these days. Which is great if you are in a pinch and after something to get you through to your next meal or to throw into your pack on long runs.

The latest of these snacks I tired is ‘Smooshed’ by Tasti. I tried the Mocha Macchiato and Brazen Berry Flavours. The Mocha had a nice real coffee taste and the Berry reminded me of a lamington. Both were soft and had a very home-made taste to them.

The ingredients are really simple, so much so that they have printed images along side the ingredient listing on the pack. As typical with these whole food snacks the main ingredient is dates (being 61-64% of the two flavours I tried) with cashews, cocoa powder and coconut being the other main ingredients (then coffee beans in the mocha and ‘juice infused cranberries’ in the berry).

There is not much more to be said. They are what they say on the pack. One bennifit of being in ‘ball form’ is that they are great for trail runs popping a few as you need them.

Price, $2.50-$3.00. In your local supermarket. Highly recommended.

If you have a vegan, trail running or any other product you want me to review let me know!

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