Vegan Review – YumEarth Hot Chilli Organic Lollipops

Vegan Review – YumEarth Hot Chilli Organic Lollipops

I’m not much of a sweets guy (chocolate yes but not so much candy) but while I was picking up some other items I decided to try YumEarth Hot Chilli Organic Lollipops. I got these lollies mainly for long runs and races as I have noticed that the bowel of jelly babies and candy offered at an aid station can often be just what I need to brighten my mood and lift my energy levels until I find my next gear.
however after becoming vegan I am now ultra suspicious of anything offered to me that cannot be instantly identified as sprouting from the earth. I would rather not munch away at candy containing animal-derived gelatine and or colouring.
For this intended purpose these lollipops are great. The are ultra small and light I shove a few in my pack and suck on them while I run. The addition of chilli seems to give me an added boost in addition to the sugar.

If you want some animal free sweets for your long run check them out.

If you have a vegan, trail running or any other product you want me to review let me know!

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