Vegan Review: Lifebar – Organic Bio Vegan Energy Bar.

Vegan Review: Lifebar – Organic Bio Vegan Energy Bar.

As a vegan it can often be hard trying to find off the shelf, ready to eat food. As a vegan trail-runner it can be even harder finding food that agrees with you on long training runs and races.
During the Hubert 100 Mile race I needed some solid food to break up my my hours of consuming Tailwind. I needed something small so I could store lots on me, as to avoid the aid station scramble.

I found the Lifefood Lifebar‘ at my local Foodland and loved it. They are vegan, whole food (the tagline is ” Organic Bio Vegan Energy Bar”) and just above 200 calories per bar, being in the sweet spot for what you can digest per hour while running.

They come in many flavours but like most vegan bars of this sort they use dates as a base. With the Brazil flavour for example the ingredients are Dates (59%), Brazil Nuts (27%), Almonds, Almond Paste, Coconut and Ground Vanilla.  I think I ate around six or so bars during the race and never got sick of them.
The only downside for me is the price at Aus $3.99 a pop its a bit much but pretty much on par with other products of this type. Luckily I bought up big when they went on special.

And they have a cool name!

Yeah. I kind of like them.

Anyway check them out if you can find them. I love em.

If you have a vegan, trail running or any other product you want me to review let me know!

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